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Multi-Machining Co. Inc.

Multi-Machining was established in Garland, Tx, in 1994. In 2000, after gaining a foothold and reputation in the area, the company purchased a 15,000 SF facility and relocated to Wylie, Tx. To accommodate substantial business growth, an additional 15,000 SF was added in 2008. Continuing to experience rapid business growth, the company again found itself in need of additional manufacturing space and purchased 11 acres in Greenville, Tx to build a brand new, climate controlled facility with 42,000 SF of manufacturing area to accommodate our 40 CNC machine tools.

Our Approach

Multi-Machining is committed to providing our customers with defect free products that meet or exceed stated requirements and are delivered on time. Our employees are trained to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the quality management system.

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Department of Defense



Oil & Gas


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